Development News

01 Feb update, first of the year - New extensions implementation*

- Extensions are now saved in 'monofiles' folder and a respective .txt file is saved inside 'monofiles/ext' folder.

How the .txt files work

Extension .txt files contain three lines of data: First line of the file is the filename of the extension (i.e myextension.php), second line is a title and third line is a description.(*05 Feb edit: please uncomment the content of command.php file for extension support by removing the /* & */ characters. This will be fixed in the next version.)

Also in this update:
- New structure for control panel pages is set, as it was announced in the previous post.
- Plugins page improve. Save button turns off if there are no plugins installed.
- Administrator MUST now be an owner in order to make another administrator an owner. (Note: Owner account cannot be deleted - Only one user can be owner).
- A few design and page elements changes.

A new pattern

Well, not so "new" to be honest, but now it's official (kinda). Every control panel page will follow a - completely optional :) - specific pattern, following this order:
# login
# user rights
# page specific code
# include extensions
# start html
 css theme
panel elements (i.e menus)
action confirm messages ("welcome", "posted" etc.)
 any other html or php code needed by the page
include plugins
# end html

All the years of making these pages bring us to the safe conclusion that this can be a nicely working page structure, for most cases.This is going to be included in a new update, hopefully coming soon.

Date fix

- New version with minor aesthetic changes.
- A small change in core files to fix the date still appearing when turned off from the settings.

MonoCMS 2.0

Here is the first MonoCMS of 2021, finally available for download. Some of the changes and new features include:
New custom session
Search filters in posts
New classes and functions
A sidemenu, as the default navigation menu
Safety improvements
Easily build and include plugins and extensions
New xml files, like 'dates.xml'
Asynchronous javascript used instead of an iframe when saving a post or page
Theme and Navigation pages are removed (for now at least).

Some old elements are also gone. Nothing against iframes, but the iframe to load a user icon from a folder, in settings, is also removed and replaced by an input element. See also the updated documentation page.
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