Development News

Minimenu plugin

A new plugin is available for download! Minimenu is a mini navigation menu for the control panel, with smaller font size and without the css transitions.

- Please download the MonoCMS zip package and update monofiles/filesinfo/textinfo.xml file, if you wish to include the plugin's description to your control panel. You will also need a new file, minimenu.css, which is located in monofiles folder.

User manual

A user manual is now available inside the MonoCMS zip package, in HTML form! The purpose of a user manual is to familiarize the users with the user interface and functions of the program. This is a great way to make sure that the program itself is not going to restrict the users, rather than help them with their work.

About the MonoCMS license absense

There is a new explanation page about the MonoCMS absense of a license that users sometimes ask about. You can find it at

Quick fix for post.php - date format configuration

Again, a problem occured when loading a post in the text editor, which was fixed in post.php . This was an obvious fix following the one of 02 Aug 2018.

Date format inside the control panel is slightly changed. Now, when a date within the last 24 hours is not the same day as today, it shows up as 'd M Y' instead of 'H:i'.