Development News

Accounts fix

Small fix for owner account not being able to change username when no other account exists. Also first login will make the user an owner.

2.1 version

2.1 is the biggest update since 2021.

  • New option is added in 'Pages'. Pages can now be marked as 'unpublished' and the system will remove the page
  • menu items order changed. 'All pages' is followed by 'Accounts', followed by 'Settings' and 'Images'|'Plugins'
  • accounts follow more strict rules. Owner's account can only be edited by the owner now
  • sorting results in posts and pages is updated. The values are saved in the user's account and in the session
  • the date format inside some xml files is now php date format, instead of custom. Old xml file will still be compatible.
  • small errors fixed
  • a few design changes.
  • Categories update

    Categories folders can now start with a numeric value without a error caused from xml incompatibility. Also a few other minor changes are included in this version, first of this summer.

    Reverting data_connect

    Reverted data_connect.php to the version before and added a cookie lifetime parameter to accompany the gc - garbage collection of the session data, instead of relying on a simple redirect which might cause unwanted behaviour. Sorry for the inconvinience.
    Download the latest version to get the updated file.

    General update: data_connect, classicmenu plugin update, categories fix and update

    Main changes include:

    - data_connect.php update. Script now exits if session time limit is reached, not depending on ini_set() behaviour only. User gets redirected to login screen.
    - Classicmenu plugin is also updated, using some javascript to add the menu in the page.(proper for a plugin)
    - pageResults() function is improved to avoid including similar or unwanted values in results per page menu. Some more functions have also been improved in log.php.
    - post.php change, including new file prepost.php in every post permanent link page.Categories fix Unlike 1.0, in MonoCMS 2.0 categories did not have a name.txt file to refer to when searching for the category name and was relying on folder name only. This caused failure to load a category page when the two names didn't match. Now a new categories.xmlfile is introduced to save all info needed about categories.(monofiles/filesinfo/categories.xml) A new file is also introduced for categories as in the posts case, precat.php.
    Note: This is a general update, please update home cataloque files.