Development News

preg_split fix

A deprecated feature of preg_split() causing errors to tags has been removed. Fix available for download.

Pagination and limit results fix

A value greater than the total number of posts set in the Advanced settings › Limit results , was causing unwanted behaviour to the pagination system. Fix available for download MonoCMS23-20240517 (set-posts.php).

Monocms 2.3 - Pages & pagination upgrade

- Loading different folders is now an option in 'All pages', including the home dir.
- Pagination is improved. Unwanted behaviour, when an invalid 'max' value is submitted, is removed. A new xml file is also added to allow a different type of pagination menu, using numbers to navigate instead of the 'previous' & 'next' links. Different pagination for the website is also an option.
- An indicator now appears next to the 'Plugins' menu link, when a plugin is active.
- A few design changes.

Post delete fix - simplexml update

Using the wrong variable name in delete_post() function, in log.php was causing a "file does not exist" error, which did not allow the user to delete post files. Deleting a "not-updated" post file is now working correctly.

One more simpleXMLElement update because of the "using null instead of int" warning(see previous post), this time in data_connect.php.

Fixes available with the latest version MonoCMS22-20240103.

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