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MonoCMS is a content management system, written in PHP programming language, consisted of multiple configurations and settings saved mostly in xml files. Users can easily install a basic cms by just transffering a few files to their web server, login to their own control panel, type posts and pages, create multiple accounts, upload images, install (or create their own) plugins and more.

How to install MonoCMS

- Download the .zip package.
- Upload the files to your web server. You can place the files anywhere you like, inside any subfolder you prefer.
- Visit http://[yourdomain]/[path to installation folder]/monofiles/login to get started.

That's it! Your website files are online and working.

Read the readme.txt file included in the package for more details.


Started on: 2015
Country of origin: Greece
Technologies : php, html, xml, css, javascript
Software used: Notepadqq, Xampp, Arch Linux, Manjaro Linux
Developed by: Panagiotis Zygopoulos