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Monocms 2.2-20231024 - Errors fixed - More advanced options

New version for October 2023

Error in pagepost.php is fixed, as previously announced.
Another problem solved, a deprecated feature of simplexmlElement::__construct also fixed (using null instead of int for #2 -$options- parameter). Similar issue with parameter #3 in preg_split, using 'null' instead of 'int', specifically in pagepost.php. These warnings occurred in php version 8.1.

Two more options added in advanced settings: One for turning off animations in the control panel and one to control file types for uploads.php. A xml file tells 'Images' page which file types to allow for upload and which for showing in the list.

Error fix for MonoCMS22-20230906

File: pagepost.php
Error: Undefined index error caused by searching for a non existent name in the $_POST array.

You can change the file containing the error, by opening pagepost.php in a text editor.
On line 79, instead of $p['path'], should be $p['catalogue'].

To be fixed in the next version.

MonoCMS 2.2 - Page path & advanced settings

Another big update gives the ability to choose a path for a page.

Other updates include

- A new 'advanced settings' control panel page.
- A new path.php page to replace some of the pagep.php funcionality and, finally, completely separate the core of the cms from the rest.

- A fix in pages.php causing a miscalculation in array iteration and messing with the results per page.
- Page results navigation is improved.
- Multiple new options, like setting a limit to posts results or a custom home page for the control panel.
- A few design changes.

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Accounts fix

Small fix for owner account not being able to change username when no other account exists. Also first login will make the user an owner.
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