01 Feb 2022

01 Feb update, first of the year - New extensions implementation*

- Extensions are now saved in 'monofiles' folder and a respective .txt file is saved inside 'monofiles/ext' folder.

How the .txt files work

Extension .txt files contain three lines of data: First line of the file is the filename of the extension (i.e myextension.php), second line is a title and third line is a description.(*05 Feb edit: please uncomment the content of command.php file for extension support by removing the /* & */ characters. This will be fixed in the next version.)

Also in this update:
- New structure for control panel pages is set, as it was announced in the previous post.
- Plugins page improve. Save button turns off if there are no plugins installed.
- Administrator MUST now be an owner in order to make another administrator an owner. (Note: Owner account cannot be deleted - Only one user can be owner).
- A few design and page elements changes.