28 March, 2020

MonoCMS "reboot"

As we all know, due to the worldwide coronavirus crisis, many of our activities have been either postponed or even terminated. Thankfully, our ability to write code, hasn't been one of them. I am still here and i have actually been, after a short brake, for a few months.A new and revised Monocms was under construction all these months, with tons of changes included. It isn't ready yet, but it's coming.
I still dont know when the next update, or maybe i should say the "reboot" of Monocms will be published, so i've been keeping it a "secret" all this time.Since we are in a worldwide lockdown and since everything is changing so quickly, i thought that i should let you know that Monocms is not dumped and there's still plenty to come. An update of the website is going to come as well.So, if everything goes right, I'll see you again soon.