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A website content management program, written in php language and html/css user interface. MonoCMS offers basic functionality which includes:

  • Create and edit website pages.
  • Saving data in xml, html files.
  • Login to your web server with a username and password.
  • Account management, with multiple accounts support and three types of users, «author», «administrator» and an administrator «super user».

Apart from the basics, there are also:
  • General settings page, containing settings for the control panel, your website or personal.
  • Categories creation for website content categorization, saved in xml files which creates website folders (under the 'category' directory).
  • Tags which apply to website content as well(posts) for characterization of content, helpful for labeling and content searching. This also creates website folders (under 'tags').

A few extras included as well
  • Images page. Upload and save image files from your control panel
  • Plugins. Simple core support to add functionality to the system
  • Extensions. Same as plugins for addittional functionality

Although plugins and extensions can be useful , they are not by any means the only, neither necessarily the best way to add extra functionality to your cms or website. You can always edit content in the simplest or most complex ways, depending on the size of the modification you personally wish to make.

Users can easily install a basic cms by just transffering a few files to their web server, login to their own control panel, type posts and pages, create multiple control panel accounts, and more...

How to install

- Download the .zip package.
- Upload the files to your web server. You can place the files anywhere you like, inside any subfolder you prefer.
- Visit http://[yourdomain]/[path to installation folder]/monofiles/login to get started.

For example, if your website is called mywebsite.com and you upload your files to  the public_html folder, your login screen will be at:

 http://mywebsite.com/monofiles/login .

That's it! Your website files are online and working.
Read the readme.txt file included in the package for more details.

How to update

Update the files in 'monofiles' folder. Just download the latest package and upload the latest files in the monofiles folder. Although the rest of the files might occasionally receive changes as well, the users should rely on the 'monofiles' files in order to get the latest and most important upgrades.


You can modify, copy, redistribute, share with users and programmers, without any permission from the creator. This is the main philosofy about MonoCMS license and it may or may not be included in the package you download.