Development News

2.1 version

2.1 is the biggest update since 2021.

  • New option is added in 'Pages'. Pages can now be marked as 'unpublished' and the system will remove the page
  • menu items order changed. 'All pages' is followed by 'Accounts', followed by 'Settings' and 'Images'|'Plugins'
  • accounts follow more strict rules. Owner's account can only be edited by the owner now
  • sorting results in posts and pages is updated. The values are saved in the user's account and in the session
  • the date format inside some xml files is now php date format, instead of custom. Old xml file will still be compatible.
  • small errors fixed
  • a few design changes.
  • Categories update

    Categories folders can now start with a numeric value without a error caused from xml incompatibility. Also a few other minor changes are included in this version, first of this summer.

    Reverting data_connect

    Reverted data_connect.php to the version before and added a cookie lifetime parameter to accompany the gc - garbage collection of the session data, instead of relying on a simple redirect which might cause unwanted behaviour. Sorry for the inconvinience.
    Download the latest version to get the updated file.

    General update: data_connect, classicmenu plugin update, categories fix and update

    Main changes include:

    - data_connect.php update. Script now exits if session time limit is reached, not depending on ini_set() behaviour only. User gets redirected to login screen.
    - Classicmenu plugin is also updated, using some javascript to add the menu in the page.(proper for a plugin)
    - pageResults() function is improved to avoid including similar or unwanted values in results per page menu. Some more functions have also been improved in log.php.
    - post.php change, including new file prepost.php in every post permanent link page.Categories fix Unlike 1.0, in MonoCMS 2.0 categories did not have a name.txt file to refer to when searching for the category name and was relying on folder name only. This caused failure to load a category page when the two names didn't match. Now a new categories.xmlfile is introduced to save all info needed about categories.(monofiles/filesinfo/categories.xml) A new file is also introduced for categories as in the posts case, precat.php.
    Note: This is a general update, please update home cataloque files.
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