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MonoCMS 2.5.1 with a different login screen

Version 2.5.1 of Monocms is out with an improved login screen. Changes from previous versions include instructions in case users forget their username or password and also a message that appears on screen when a login attempt fails.

See also new version fixes in the change log page.

Navigation menu editor version 1.0

Navigation editor 1.0, first appeared in MonoCMS 2.5 and is a simple script to make things easier for navigation menu editing. It helps users, with administrator rights, to easily create navigation menu items with a one level sub item creation option. Adding or deleting content inside the menu editor is very easy and doesn't require any coding from the user.

- You can add an item by submitting the "New item" form. Form includes title, url, position of the item in the menu and also a checkbox to select whether or not the link will open in a new tab, or window, depending on your browser settings.

- Version 1.0 allows sub-items creation, of one level only.

- Deleting an item, deletes all of its subitems from the menu. The sub-items are stored inside an xml file, in case the user still needs them, in monofiles/filesinfo folder.

- Position of the item is set by an <input type="text">  element. The value must be an integer between 1 and the total number of items in a row. If the user submits a value that is not valid, it wil be automatically changed.

Tetra theme

Tetra theme is available for monocms. You can choose to preview or download it, from the themes section.

Monocms 2.4 new features and bug fixes

September 2, 2016

Monocms 2.4 comes with new important features:

Post categories and post tags.

Categories is a new feature in monocms 2.4. Now users can add or delete a category from the categories page. To get to categories page, use the link inside the posts page. A post can optionally belong to a category now. A category has its own index page, which means that has a separate post flow from the home page. Users with both administrator and author account rights, can add or delete categories.

Tags characterize a post and add a few information about it. You can add tags to a post inside the post creation page(newpage). Like categories, tags have each their own post flow. While a post can belong to one category only, unlimited number of tags can be added.

Another updates include:

- Newpost page changed appearance. Tags and categories are added.
- Posts page is also changed a bit. Information about a post now include: category, creator, type, last modified.
- "Show tags" option is added to website settings.
- "Default text editor" option is removed from control panel settings. Text editor is now always ON.
- A few appearance changes inside control panel.


Creating a new account didn't always work because of some mistakes in code which are now fixed. Also wrong message appeared in account manager when not completing the new account form which is also fixed. If you type several "spaces" or leave the form blank, the same error message appears.

Monocms 2.3 changes

Monocms 2.3 changes include:

- Well, first of all this version is a  #.#  version, removing the third number, just to make it simpler.
- Introducing a theme package with a theme changer inside the settings.
- "Edit" page becomes "Editor". The menu structure of this page includes the same 8 page patterns, but now they are separated by type of use. The first four are the theme files and the rest contain pure content that remains the same through themes.…