How to install Monocms

Installing Monocms is really easy even for inexperienced users:

You don't need a database to make monocms work. Also, you can place the files anywhere you like, inside any subfolder you prefer. All you have to do is:

- Download the .zip package.

- Extract to your desktop and upload the files to your server.

If the folder you uploaded the files is your main directory (usually it's the public_html folder), your home page will be http://[yourdomain]/index.php. If it is a folder named 'blog' right under your main directory, your home page is going to be http://[yourdomain]/blog/index.php.

When you first upload Monocms, you must change the password and username but you don't have to do that if you just want to transfer from a directory to another. To change password, you must login using the default username and password and then you can change your password from the settings page and your username from the accounts management page.