30 Oct 2017 | v 3.1.2

# Statistics option removed.
# The show description option is transferred, from settings, to theme page.
# Loading page content in wysiwyg text editor.
# Two typos in two files

26 Oct 2017 | v 3.1.1

# Statistics option added in settings.
# Appearance changes in the control panel.
#Correctly count posts and pages - error caused in previous version

21 Oct 2017 | v 3.1

# Sidemenu introduced.
# Appearance changes in the control panel.
# PHP configurations for better performance.

02 Oct 2017 | MonoCMS 3.0.5

# Wrong posts link error fixed

28 Sep 2017 | MonoCMS 3.0.4

# Appearance changes, on main menu and login screen

24 Jul 2017 | MonoCMS 3.0.3

# Appearance fixes

# Loading page description fixed.
# Correctly reading excerpt from posts.

20 Jul 2017 | MonoCMS 3.0.2

# Correctly manage saved and posted versions of articles. Load the saved in the text editor and save it in a different htm file.
# Converting a post to draft keeps the latest saved version, not the posted one.

21 Jun 2017 | MonoCMS 3.0.1

# Appearance changed for the post creation page.
# postpage.php code modified. Old filenames(like 'postp' or 'footer') have been removed.
# Post author icon shown in results, for both 'drafts' and 'posted'.

12 Jun 2017 | MonoCMS 3.0

# Theme Page introduced
# Multiple themes support is gone.
# Standard theme has got 2 different layouts: "Blog" and "Product".
# Appearance changes in main menu, posts, pages and users pages. Inputs, checkboxes and radio buttons also have their own theme now.
# New options in settings added: Show description, Notification, Posts in home page(product layout), Results in posts page(product layout).
# Changing theme option removed from settings.
# Date format inside results pages changed.
# Website owner introduced.
# Editor page includes Objects only.
# 3 new elements were added inside Objects page: Tags, Categories and More info.
# Auto refreshing session, to avoid unwanted logout.
# Posts and pages follow the same pattern.
# Code editor page is completely removed.
# Unstable Objects editor fixed.

16 Feb 2017 | MonoCMS 2.7.2

# Wrong posts link error fixed

30 Jan 2017 | MonoCMS 2.7.1

# Rssburn plugin support
# Minor code changes in set-posts.php file.

23 Jan 2017 | MonoCMS 2.7

# Plugins support
# Main control panel page was updated. The users can now see installed plugins.

10 Jan 2017 | MonoCMS 2.6

# New appearance for many parts of the control panel. A new dark colored appearance is installed. The top bar has a fixed position now and several pages have modifications,especially the settings and the editor.
# Editor completely changed to support the new objects system.
# Authors can now upload user icons.
# customnav.php doesn't exist anymore. If you don't use navigation editor, no menu is used.
# conf.xml is added to the theme files and contains editable parts of your website.

# Character '&' can now be used as a name of a menu item.

02 Oct 2016 | MonoCMS 2.5.2

# New appearance for main menu.
# Navigation editor "open in new tab" option fixed and works.

26 Sep 2016 | MonoCMS 2.5.1

# Enhanced login screen.
# Users are getting a notification after a failed login attempt.
# Redirection to wrong page after a failed login fixed.

19 Sep 2016 | MonoCMS 2.5

# Navigation editor added - Navigation menu is not based on pages anymore.
# "Include in navigation menu" option is deleted from createpage.php
# set-nav.php changed to fit the new navigation menu editor.
# A few appearance changes inside control panel.
# Tetra theme updated (css style only).
# Mono_default theme updated (css style only)

04 Sep 2016 | MonoCMS 2.4

# Posts tags and categories added.
# Newpost page changed appearance.
# Posts page is also changed a bit. Information about a post now include: category, creator, type, last modified.
# "Show tags" option is added to website settings.
# "Default text editor" option is removed from control panel settings. Text editor is now always ON.
# A few appearance changes inside control panel
# Creating new account bug fixed

09 Jul 2016 | MonoCMS 2.3

# Theme package support
# Theme changer
# "Black" & "light" control panel appearance
# Deleting account fixed

11 May 2016 | MonoCMS 2.2.1

# Multiple user accounts
# Larger control panel menu fonts