About the MonoCMS license absense

There is a new explanation page about the MonoCMS absense of a license that users sometimes ask about. You can find it at monocms.com/about-monocms-license

Quick fix for post.php - date format configuration

Again, a problem occured when loading a post in the text editor, which was fixed in post.php . This was an obvious fix following the one of 02 Aug 2018.

Date format inside the control panel is slightly changed. Now, when a date within the last 24 hours is not the same day as today, it shows up as 'd M Y' instead of 'H:i'.

Expanded plugins menu

Up until now, the plugins menu of the main control panel page, opened when a :hover effect occured. To make it accessible through the keyboard, i added a settings option that allows the menu container to stay always expanded, plus allows the user to use the 'tab', 'space' and 'enter' keys to control the checkboxes. Default value of this option is off.

New 'logged out' behaviour

Users that are not logged in the system don't get redirected to the login page anymore. Instead a message appears on the screen that informs the users they need to login. To get to the login page now, the users must either connect to login.php or , provided they are already logged in, click the logout button.

Plugins support update

A new plugins menu is introduced to Monocms. You can now turn off an installed plugin, from the main panel page, without having to manually remove the file from the plugins folder. The menu slides open when you move the cursor over the indicator below the plugin box, but only if you have at least one plugin installed.

I found this to be pretty useful, considering that a plugin file is usually modified by the user and might need to retain its configuration for future use. So, you don't have to worry about removing and saving the plugin file elsewere anymore.

Note: For the new feature to work properly, the user is getting logged out, after the autologout plugin is turned off. This happens the autlogout plugin is actually a safety feature. If, for example, your computer is used by multiple users or you need to leave the house and take your laptop with you, you can turn on autologout and any malicious user who somehow gained access to your computer, will be logged out after a while.

New file added

A new .xml file is added inside the filesinfo folder. The textinfo.xml file contains the supported plugins descriptions.