Basic theme design

The basic theme design has improved a little bit.
The date shown in each post preview in home page, has now the same form as in the post page

21 Aug update - Renewed text editor - Error in dateform.php fixed

The 21, Aug 2018 update of MonoCMS is out. Just a few appearance changes are done, but also text-editor icons are back to black and white color style.

- A new 'excerpt' icon is added on the text-editor controls. CSS is used to create the mouseover color invertion effect for every image.
- Date is now showing up properly in dateformat.php dependent files.

Appearance update

Login screen appearance has been updated. A new png file is added in /monofiles folder as well.

Quick fix

A quick fix is available for post content loss when clicking the update button. This error occured in post.php. The fix preserves the files deleted. A complete fix might come soon.