Undefined function error fixed

"undefined function load_xml()" error is fixed. The file pagep.php is updated.

System update

This is a big update which includes some important features.

System refresh

A system refresh button is added in the CMS settings. By selecting this:

a.The posts and page counters are going to be automatically adjusted. This helps if you have played around with your systems files and folders.
b.Accidentally deleted pages within the home dir, are retrieved.

Date format

The cms date format of posts and pages lists is changed to a simplified date format, which doesn't look bad at all :) .

A new date format added

I just added another date format, reaching 7  in total!
You want to add yours? Simply include your PHP date format inside these two arrays, of these files:

monofiles/general.php line 276,
monofiles/dateform.php line 117.

Date formatting

Date formatting is available in the settings. You can now choose how the date is going to look in your website.