Account manage fix - login screen change

Account managing

Failing to modify the status of an account by the site owner has been fixed. Plus the users that change their rights from administrator to author, are getting a verification message, after getting redirected to the panel screen.

Login change

Submitting your username and password in the login form, disables the input elements and the submit button.

Minimenu fix

The minimenu plugin is now user based, as it is supposed to be. User preferences about minimenu are now saved separately in each monofiles/style/'userID' folder, instead of the plugins folder.

Minimenu plugin

A new plugin is available for download! Minimenu is a mini navigation menu for the control panel, with smaller font size and without the css transitions.

- Please download the MonoCMS zip package and update monofiles/filesinfo/textinfo.xml file, if you wish to include the plugin's description to your control panel. You will also need a new file, minimenu.css, which is located in monofiles folder.

User manual

A user manual is now available inside the MonoCMS zip package, in HTML form! The purpose of a user manual is to familiarize the users with the user interface and functions of the program. This is a great way to make sure that the program itself is not going to restrict the users, rather than help them with their work.