About MonoCMS license

Some users feel uncertain concerning the freedom of use of MonoCMS, due to the absence of a license, fearing they may be subject to some form of intellectual property infringement. This is because the state (that covers most countries) protects creators, rather than users. It treats programmers as copyright holders and gives them the right to exercise power over users, through software. This, has enabled the media to demonize "free", as in price, software and make its users feel guilty or because they share files with other users over the internet, which is a natural response to technological advancement.

As much freedom as I can "give" to users, there will always be those programers or companies who will limit their productivity and violate their right for free use of software, because the law allows them to. For as long as copyright laws are in place, users will have freedom only to the extent that software developers allow it and will always depend on their goodwill, to ensure their rights.

Even if i chose to use the GNU GPL, this would give the users "plenty" of freedom, but not the freedom they deserve. People will only have freedom when they live under a true Democratic rule of law.

Of course the source code of MonoCMS will always be available at monocms.com, either within the download package or through the source code pages and of course: "Feel free to use and modify the code of MonoCMS...".

pano z