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New version at last - Updates to come

I have been working on MonoCMS for sometime now and here is finally a version, probably not as complete as i would want it to be, but one that i think gives the users more freedom. I'd say that this time you get the feeling of a "one person work" more than ever. MonoCMS gets as simplified as possible but stays useful (i hope).

- I explain all the basic features in the learn more page and the technical in the documentation. I might update these pages in the next days as well.
- The design has changed from last time, but stays "minimalistic". You can choose between "light" and "dark" theme now.

- The Objects page is gone. The reason is that it seemed to restrict the users more than it helped. So the users can add their own code inside the main page which is pagep.php.

Other changes have been done as well. As mentioned, the page pattern is just a single page for all, pagep.php . The posts and pages results are getting sorted and filtered, which is pretty nice.

I might upload all the code online the next days and also upload updates there, so that the users can choose to download specific files only. I think this might also help us stay in touch more efectively.

Finally, a big THANK YOU for all the support i get from you guys! It means a lot to me.

pano z

3.1.2 - Statistics aborted

Statistics option was aborted in today's version and it is removed from the settings. It might be converted to a plugin in the near future.

MonoCMS 3.1.1 comes with statistics

Version 3.1.1 comes with the option of counting your website's visitors. This is a basic system that measures the visitors by counting the views and the pages viewed. The results appear on the main page of the control panel, administrators only. You can turn off statistics from the settings, if you want to save system resources.

The number of posts and the number of pages appear together with the rest of stats, but they do not rely on statistics system. If you turn off statistics, they won't appear on the main page, although they still appear on the menu.

MonoCMS 3.1 - sidemenu

A sidemenu is available in MonoCMS 3.1. You can now turn on the sidemenu from the settings page. Some appearance changes were made as well in the old menu and also a few PHP configurations for better performance.