Latest news

MonoCMS 3.0.1 - New post creation page

The post creation page design has been updated for version 3.0.1.

MonoCMS 3.0 - Multiple themes support gone.

Not a usual way to put your work and name out there, is it?

We wanted to get rid of theme installation process for some time now, because we don't believe that supporting multiple themes is a good experience for most of the users. Having to choose between hundrends of different themes is not good. It's frustrating and most of the time, users end up asking a designer to take over.

Rssburn plugin update

We do a quick announcement today, because of some errors produced by the Rssburn plugin. The problem was that the '&' character needed to be encoded before written inside the xml, despite coming from xml files. We also add 'description' and 'link' tags to the rss feed, so that it validates as an RSS.

2.7.1 version introducing RSS feed support

New version for this week is 2.7.1 and comes with "RSS burn" plugin support. Don't forget to download the latest version, to ensure support for all the plugins available.
A new plugin usually force us to upgrade Monocms version, because there's no other way to tell Monocms that a plugin exists.

Interesting fact: The first plugin for Monocms was actually autoblock, which blocks a user after several failed login attempts. Plans changed though, and this plugin was finally implemented as a standard function and was hard coded to Monocms.
A plugin is inserted as a completely separate piece of code and is used like this: insert('pluginname').