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Rssburn plugin update

We do a quick announcement today, because of some errors produced by the Rssburn plugin. The problem was that the '&' character needed to be encoded before written inside the xml, despite coming from xml files. We also add 'description' and 'link' tags to the rss feed, so that it validates as an RSS.

2.7.1 version introducing RSS feed support

New version for this week is 2.7.1 and comes with "RSS burn" plugin support. Don't forget to download the latest version, to ensure support for all the plugins available.
A new plugin usually force us to upgrade Monocms version, because there's no other way to tell Monocms that a plugin exists.

Interesting fact: The first plugin for Monocms was actually autoblock, which blocks a user after several failed login attempts. Plans changed though, and this plugin was finally implemented as a standard function and was hard coded to Monocms.
A plugin is inserted as a completely separate piece of code and is used like this: insert('pluginname').

Plugins added in Monocms 2.7

MonoCMS 2.7 came out with plugins support. Plugins are a good way to extend your CMS, in case you need more out of it. Plugins for Monocms are, as expected, very simple to use.

- Download the plugin.
- Unpack and upload the file to 'plugins' folder.
- If you want, open the file with a text editor to change its options (if it has any).

A new section has been added in the main control panel page, from where you can check the plugins installed on your system.

Official themes update

A feature of preinstall objects editor in MonoCMS 2.6, requires the file conf.xml to be included inside every theme's folder. Therefore, all themes have been updated to support the new functionality upgrade.

The file conf.xml, is a simple xml file that contains the parts of your web page that you wish to make editable through the Object editor. When applying a theme the system includes these parts in the editor page.