Fast and easy to use

Monocms is a convenient content management system based on files instead of a database. The simplistic design offers speed that makes it easy and fun for everyday use. Easily create posts and pages, upload images from your computer, create users and select appearance. Fast & easy to use CMS includes: A simple HTML WYSIWYG editor, multiple user accounts support, editable page elements, navigation menu and theme editor, is not using any external frameworks or libraries, made with PHP and HTML5.


MonoCMS comes without any license. Not even the Unlicensed. The purpose of creating MonoCMS is for the users to benefit from using it. It is not our intention to tell you what you can and what you cannot do with it.

News and technical


Official themes update

A feature of preinstall objects editor in MonoCMS 2.6, requires the file conf.xml to be included inside every theme's folder. Therefore, all themes have been updated to support the new functionality upgrade.

The file conf.xml, is a simple xml file that contains the parts of your web page that you wish to make editable through the Object editor. When applying a theme the system includes these parts in the editor page.

MonoCMS 2.6 - Objects editor - new appearance

The migration to version 2.6, is finally complete, with the new additional feature of the objects editor, that gives users the ability to process parts of their website, by simply selecting preinstalled objects (widgets). With the publication of version 2.6, the number of objects is small, but hopefully, more will come soon. The Editor page completely changed to support the new functionality. The theme files remain editable via code.

See the changelog for more details about the latest version.