13 Jun 2017

MonoCMS 3.0 - Multiple themes support gone.

Not a usual way to put your work and name out there, is it?

We wanted to get rid of theme installation process for some time now, because we don't believe that supporting multiple themes is a good experience for most of the users. Having to choose between hundrends of different themes is not good. It's frustrating and most of the time, users end up asking a designer to take over.

Building MonoCMS is a good opportunity to start thinking out of the box a little bit and that's why we set content management our number one priority instead of designing multiple themes.

A few months ago we announced on g+ that "themes will also be replaced by a single theme with variations for the users to choose from". So here it is!

In MonoCMS 3.0, themes are replaced by 1 theme ONLY. No downloading themes, no installing themes, no changing between themes.

Instead of themes, you can select a page layout. Blog and Product are the two different layouts at the moment. This way:
a. The users can better concentrate on their content quality.
b. Arranging our priorities will also help us take a look at web design from a better perspective.

As always, see the changelog for more information on the latest version.